Travelearn is Kean University’s short-term Study Abroad program. It offers participants the opportunity in combining their academic studies with short-term travel to various destinations, which typically aren't offered through the regular Study Abroad program. But, similarly to Study Abroad, students of all majors are encouraged to apply. These Travelearn programs are led by faculty that are experts in the respective program's field of study. Some of the this program consists of are: lectures, readings, and excursions.

How to Apply: For Students

General process

  • Download and complete the Application Package
  • Submit this to the C.I.S. with the corresponding receipts (don't worry! package will explain what these are)
  • Submit payments on the appropriate deadlines
  • See the tour website for specific details, and the Application Instructions for general information
  • review the Kean University Travelearn Policies and Procedures

Special Cases

If seeking academic credit for the Travelearn program, please note:

  • programs that take place during the winter intercession, and spring break sessions will be held during the spring semester.
  • Matriculating Kean students that wish to register for Kean credit MUST contact the faculty coordinator to register for the corresponding course in KeanWISE.
  • External participants that wish to register for academic credit as visiting students must complete the Registration Eligibility Form and submit it to CIS. Once the completed form is received and processed, you will be assigned a username and PIN which will allow you to register online via KeanWISE. You MUST obtain visas and any other required travel documentation required by the destination country.

Important Documents

  • Culteral Insurance
  • HTH Travel
  • iNext
  • Travel Locations

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    Contact Us

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