International travel by F-1 students continues to require a certain degree of advanced planning and organization. And you must make sure you have the documents required for re-entry in your possession as you return to the U.S. However, with careful planning and attention to the details, your return to the U.S. should be trouble free.

Travel Within the United States

When traveling in the U.S., including on trips where you are traveling by car, train or bus, you are advised to carry the following documents:

  1. A valid passport, with the original I-94 Form attached.
  2. Your most current SEVIS I-20 FORM

It is advised to bring a copy of the documents listed above with you at all times. Having these documents with you provides immediate proof of your lawful status in the United States.  

International Travel

If you are planning to travel outside the United States for a temporary period of less than 5 months, you must have with you the following documents for re-entry:

  1. A valid passport (at least 6 months beyond the date of re-entry to the U.S.)
  2. Valid U.S. Visa in your passport with appropriate type of visa noted to obtain status desired upon re-entry to the U.S.
  3. SEVIS-20 FORM. ISS advisor must have signed on page 3 of SEVIS I-20 form no more than 12 months prior to your returning date. I-20 must be endorsed within 12 months before re-entry back to the U.S.

It is always recommended that you speak to the International Student advisor prior to making any travel decisions.

Also, prior to your departure you must be aware of any requirements or visitor visa that may be required from you as you enter your country of destination.

Travel to Canada, Mexico or Other Adjacent Islands other than Cuba 

Please set up an appointment with the ISS advisor to learn more about traveling to Canada, Mexico, or other adjacent islands other that Cuba.

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