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and thosed who do not travel read only one page.

-Saint Augustine

About Us

Kean's Center for International Studies (CIS) strives to infuse ideals of international education through the University. We are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of students, faculty and the community seeking global connections. We do so in developing and engaging in international education by promoting benefits of international study and facilitating Kean's core values.Under the umbrella of CIS, the Office of International Student Services (ISS), is responsible for the International Student community and strives to provide the highest service in aspects such as immigration regulations, support, and social interactions.  ISS's mission is to ensure international students and their dependents, maximum opportunity for a positive and meaningful experience during their stay in the United States.  CIS works with faculty to develop international research opportunities, linkages, exchanges, symposia, and other activities.CIS also provides opportunities for Kean students to study abroad over 100 locations around the globe with our partner institutions and organizations. In addition, the International Student and Scholar Services office provides support to incoming international students and faculty. 

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Study Abroad 

This section is for domestic Kean alumni interested to take classes at our partner Universities across the globe. Below we provide travel options with varying duration periods. We also include personal stories of previous participants.

Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad program allows students to continue their studies while living overseas for a full academic year, or a single semester. In doing so, students may grow intellectually, develop inter-cultural skills, and obtain foreign language skills. All courses taken in the overseas programs apply to degree requirements, and most of all majors. Financial aid can be used towards program costs. Program eligibility requires students to posses a 2.8 GPA, and be at least a sophmore (grade-level requirements vary amongst programs).


Travelearn is Kean University's short-term Study Abroad program. It offers participants the opportunity in combining their academic studies with short-term travel to various destinations, which typically aren't offered through the regular Study Abroad program. But similarly to Study Abroad, students of all majors are encouraged to apply. Travelearn programs are led by faculty that are experts in the respective program's field of study. Some of the things these programs consists of are: lectures, readings, and excursions.

Student Experiences

Nervous about travelling, or simply curious of previous participants' experiences? This section provides first hand insight from our Kean students who traveled through our programs. We hope it inspires you to study abroad and reach out to our office for guidance on how to do so. Past study abroad students wishing to share their experiences in this similar manner please contact us.


For detailed information on your specific program, major, and desired travel destination, please refer to these listed search engines: Study Abroad, IIE-Passport, GoAbroad, GoOverseas

Financial & Travel

If you seek information about travel agencies, health insurances, diversity organizations, and Work/Volunteer Abroad programs, please go here .

If you require more information about additional financial resources such as scholarships, please go here .

High School Diploma Program

In accordance with the stipulation by the Ministry of Education in New Jersey, any state residences, who are over the age of 16 years could acquire the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education by being engaged in advanced studies to obtain 30 university credits and then they can apply for a university degree. This goal of the program is to help students who seek an alternative opportunity to finish their senior high education and acquire an American Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.

Kean University, an outstanding university in New Jersey, set up a High School Program, in order to help the youth who love to learn. According to Option 2 provided by the Department of Education in New Jersey, KEAN University High School Diploma Program is seeking for students over the age of 16 that have at least 2 years of secondary school, a minimum 2.8/4.0 GPA and who have a TOEFL IBT score of 70 and above or IELTS 5.5. Or take Kean’s Accuplacer ESL test.

After attending the high school program which can last from 3 to 4 semesters (depending on English level), and meeting New Jersey’s Department of Education credit and GPA requirement, students will have the ability to earn up to 55 university credits. Attaining the New Jersey High School diploma will give students the ability to apply for admissions to the university of their choice. The Center for International Studies will assist students to attain their high school diploma and may be able to help with other transfer services. We certainly hope that the students would love KEAN University and would be willing to study in our university to complete their undergraduate study.

application form (the form is in English and must be signed by the guardian)
For questions about the program please email: or call 908-737-0422

Special Instructions

    1. If you are American international student, you need to have a video interview conducted by teachers from KEAN University and you need to be qualified in this interview, and then you need to participate in the Accuplacer examination in KEAN University in order to obtain the offer after passing the examination. The score of TOEFL will not be needed any more.

  1. If you are from China and you don’t have the report of TOEFL and IELTS, you can go to KEAN University in Wenzhou, China, where we have a campus to participate in the entrance examination of the special class for the gifted young, which is organized by us.

Available Programs

  • Alex Niu, KEAN University, High School Program
  • Homer Liang, In Charge of the recruiting, KEAN University, High School Program
  • Leon Niu, Recruiting Officer, KEAN University, High School Program

Study Abroad at Wenzhou Kean

Kean students can study for a semester or a full-year, and are authorized by the U.S. Department of Education to use their financial aid for coursework in China. All instruction is in English, provided by Kean faculty and following the Kean curriculum.



This opportunity is open to undergraduate students sophomore level or above with a minimum 2.8 GPA.

Financial & Resources

If you require more information about additional financial resources such as scholarships, please go here .
Cost of Tuition and housing is the same as Kean USA and participants with a 3.0 or better GPA can apply for the Sobel Global Wenzhou Scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship will be eligible to receive funding to cover expenses including airfare, cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room and board) and cultural experience travel. Students who meet the criteria and are interested in applying must visit the Center for International Studies, CAS Building, room 121 to confirm an interest then complete the  application process in order to be considered for the award. To review the requirements to apply for the scholarship, please go here
To view list of classes currently being offered at WKU,visit Keanwise .
Checkout the Wenzhou-Kean University website.

International Students & Scholars

Kean's Center for International Studies provides opportunities to foreign students interested in earning college credits, while visiting the states. We believe that the best way to enrich our community is not only by sending our students abroad, but also enabling those of foreign countries wishing to study in the US. All non immigrant visa holders ( this includes F's, J's and H's) regardless of NJ residency are charged out of state tuition and fees. To view a list of the fees please visit Tuition and Fees.Instructions for all international applications on how to apply, as well as important dates and deadlines can be viewed HERE

Prospective F-1 Students

Select a category that describes your academic standing. Each contains steps that references to specific forms and procedures you will need to take. Finally, grab a copy of your Welcome Guide . All forms can be found here .

Freshman | Transfer | Graduate | Scholarship Resources

Health Insurance requirements for International Students

Prospective J-1

If you are a student please refer to the "Student" to get started. If you are a researcher and/or professor please refer to the "Scholar" to get started.  Finally, grab a copy of your Welcome Guide 



Faculty and staff play a crucial role in Kean’s international programs. Here we list ways you can contribute to the internationalization of Kean University. Also, visit the Travelearn section for information on forms and procedures.

Participate in a Faculty-led Travelearn program

We are here to assist you in developing academic short-term educational travel to destinations around the world. Download the TL Application Approval Form, and review the policies , and tips in how to coordinate a Travelearn program. Make an appointment with the CIS director to discuss your proposal in detail.

Host a Visiting Professor or Scholar

Kean University has authorization to extend visa sponsorship to foreign professors, researchers, and short-term scholars to promote "mutual understanding between Americans and the citizens of other countries". In order to participate in this program, candidates must be professionals in their fields, e.g., foreign faculty or business professionals, whose careers will benefit from the proposed program at Kean and whose experience will enhance the faculty of the host department. Positions must be temporary in nature, not exceeding a period of three years. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a colleague through the Exchange Visitor Program, please give us a call or download our Visiting Professor/Researcher form for more information.

Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative agreements with overseas universities and institutions come in many forms and have myriad objectives; however, the primary goal of most agreements is to foster greater cooperation with an overseas institution or entity with the purpose of expanding opportunities for faculty and students from either institution to live, work, conduct research or study abroad. Many of the agreements are designed to foster a sense of community and sharing of knowledge for the greater good. Examples are Memorandum of Understanding and Articulation Agreements organized by concentration. All agreements should align with Kean's institution mission and foster greater internationalization of the campus. Please review the current Cooperative Agreements Policy. Make an appointment with the CIS director to review.

Encourage a Student to Study Abroad

The Center for International Studies values the partnerships with academic departments in promoting study abroad opportunities. Students often cite faculty, friends, and family as their primary resources during the study abroad planning process. Each person – faculty advisor, teaching professor, and study abroad coordinator- plays an important role in ensuring that Kean students get abroad and have a successful experience. Visit our Study Abroad section for additional information on countries and programs.

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